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Masking Tape

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to use masking tape, although the science put into manufacturing professional masking tape is complex. Good tools and high quality paints are essential to gain professional results. However, they’re not enough when we consider precision and cleanness of the job. To achieve them, the secret lies in the masking process: the areas of the car that don’t have to be painted need a perfect protection, which can be attained only with some specific products.

When professionally painting an essential step is drying the vehicles in spray booths, or using an infrared lamp at high temperature. The adhesive used in regular masking tape is simply not designed to resist high temperature exposure: as a result, the tape will get off the surface before the paint has dried, causing the paint itself bleeding on the surface to protect. Automotive masking tape, on the other hand, is engineered with a special adhesive that keeps its hold when exposed at high temperature. The tape doesn’t get off before the paint dries, leaving clean surfaces and clean edges at the end of the job.

Beyond high temperature resistance, which remains the most important difference between automotive paint masking tape and regular masking tape, professional tapes also have a higher thickness and tensile strength and elongation.

All these elements sum up to guarantee a swift and quick job, clean results and, ultimately, time savings and work optimization. For the sake of saving a few dollars it can cost you hours of extra work removing scraps, slivers of tape & residue from your job, or in some cases, completely starting again. Our advice is always invest a reliable, quality tape. Read more