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Suction Paint Spray Guns

Features: Designed for under carriage body work with metallic paints.

Suction spray guns have the paint container at the bottom of the gun. With a collection of high quality suction spray guns, Auto Repairs Direct has you covered. The traditional spray gun design, the suction spray guns were the first to be widely used. The air pressure from the gun sucks the paint up through the tube and pushes it out the front of the gun. A lot of energy is used to deliver the paint. A suction spray gun works well with metallic paints and thinner materials.

Though gravity spray guns are more regularly used these days than the suction spray guns, there a still a few instances in which a suction spray gun can be better suited, such as any undercarriage work. This is because of the positioning of the paint pot, the gravity gun has its pot at the top, which gets in the way for undercarriage work and makes it more difficult to manoeuvre.

Because these two spray guns have the paint sitting in different places, there can be quite a bit of difference in the feeling of the weight of the gun, and if you’re already used to using a certain one, it can take some getting used to the manoeuvrability of the other design. The placement of the paint pot can also alter your spraying technique, so it’s worth considering which you think you’ll find easier to use. But majority of the time, people will go for the gravity gun.