Infrared Drying Lamps


With no warm up time quality automotive infrared lights save so much time and money, these systems pay for themselves in no time at all.


  • Fast application of heat.
  • No contact between emitters and substrate.
  • Wavelength adjusted for the properties of the substrate.
  • Precise control of coating temperature.

Flexible for All Types of Automotive Paints!

Infrared heat lamps allow us to heat an object up and cure large items in sections. In a nut shell the lamps will heat objects they are aimed at. This means that even if the air temp in your garage isn’t as warm as you’d like; you can still paint and let it dry effectively. This is great for helping primers, paints, and clear coats dry more quickly during colder months. Air drying can take quite a while to get right!

Do you care about the environment and saving money? You’ll be happy to know that infrared lamps can achieve this due to their low power usage.

The lamps above are flexible for all paint jobs and by achieving accurate results, they won’t allow hindrances like humidity, poor air movement and boundary layers to get in the way. The need for air flow is eliminated which significantly reduces the risk of airborne particles ruining the finish.

Unlike other car paint curing equipment such as expensive, big, insulated enclosures, infrared paint curing lamps offer a quiet, safe, affordable way for body shops and DIY's to improve their overall painting outcomes.

Medium Wave vs. Shortwave IR Paint Curing Lamps:

Short wave infrared refers to that part of the wavelength spectrum of the emitted light. The wavelength emitted of any infrared emitter is in direct relationship to the temperature of the filament: The peak wavelength is directly proportional to the maximum temperature of the filament. This is called Wien’s Law.

Shortwave IR lamps are best for small, focused spot repairs, portable designs which are convenient to cure feather edges, small spot or drying in hard to reach areas. Like medium wave IR, shortwave IR light penetrates the surface and heats from within. Often using halogen heating elements, shortwave IR lamps get hotter and penetrate faster than medium wave.

Medium Wave vs. Shortwave IR Paint Curing Lamps:

Medium wave infrared heating is robust in design and will withstand a large amount of chemical, thermal and mechanical shock.

Medium wave systems are best for drying and curing larger areas and offer uniform heat distribution. Medium wave IR lamps are ideal for drying and curing automotive finishes because they penetrate the surface and heat the substrate first. If the surface dries before the substrate (as in traditional convection heat), the solvents can "pop" out and create craters.

Most medium wave emitters operate between 800 and 1200C filament temperature.