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The Importance of Getting the Right Workshop Tools

As any craftsman will tell you, choosing the right tool for the job is essential for getting the job done right. Give a professional photographer a cheap, dated and faulty camera and you can guarantee the images won’t be up to scratch. A great saying “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” summarizes a cognitive bias we have to use tools that are most familiar to us, even if they are the wrong tools for the job. Different problems require different solutions (or tools). Doing things properly, with the right tools can save a whole bunch of frustration and not to mention time you could spend doing something productive.

Time - Don’t let your business (or project) fall behind. When yourself or employees aren’t provided with the correct tools, we then have to rely on what is readily available. This can lead to inefficient, slow work that might also result in incorrect completion of a task, which business' would obviously like to avoid. These days, tools are being created that are smarter and more efficient. Make sure you keep up with the changing times by providing your employees with the proper and most effective tools for their jobs.

Safety - We've all busted a knuckle trying to use the wrong tool for the job because it was what we had on hand at the time and we didn't want to go get the right one. In this day and age, workplace safety is vitally important. Workplace injuries are a huge expense for organizations of all types. Every organization can benefit from creating a safer workplace, and the right tools can help.

Know the value of your job - You may be restoring or maintaining your pride and joy. Don't let a quick short cut delay or put at risk that sense of accomplishment once its completed.

Finally, quality tools will last for many years and help you to carry out all sorts of cool stuff if you look after them, so if you need to do a job that your current tools might not allow for, don’t potentially reduce your inventory by breaking something - instead expand it by buying the right thing.

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