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Detailing is an art and science, learning to both parts at once can be a challenge. You must learn what techniques are required along with the correct products. What is up with all the different color polishing pads out there? And which one are you supposed to use for what? What is the difference between a wool pad and a foam pad? Why are there so many different rubbing compounds out there? Or maybe you've been wondering about the different types of waxes and which one you're supposed to use? Well we will try and explain some basics to you.

Depending on what you are trying achieve depends on the products you will need but for the purpose of this post let’s start off with the most aggressive pad, which is made to remove heavy scratches and blemishes which would be used on badly neglected car paint.

For those of you that don't know when you're polishing or using any type of pads with a polisher on your car's paint, you're only dealing with your clear coat. Now you might hear terms out there like ‘color sanding’ or ‘color correction’ which could be confusing because that would imply that you might be doing something damaging to the base coat paint. But note when you are polishing (even wet sanding) you are never touching the base coat (unless you go too crazy), you're only dealing with the clear coat.

Ok not so fast! Let’s explain base coat and clear coat for you. When cars panels come out of the factory, they are going to be completely bare. To protect these panels against rust and corrosion the panels are usually sprayed with the combination of a Primer/Sealer.

After the primer, the base coat is sprayed on your car, which is the coat that gives your car its color. After your base coat, clear coat is sprayed over it in order to protect it against sun damage and corrosion, but also to give your car that nice shiny gloss. The clear coat also protects your base coat against light scratches and scuff marks and when you are buffing or polishing your clear coat using pads, those are the blemishes that you are removing. Click to read more