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Essential Products for Collision Repair

Abrasives - From preparation to finish, abrasives play a key role in all body shop processes.

Adhesives, Coating, Sealers - These are required for plastic repair, panel and structural bonding, sealants and coatings as well as corrosion protection.

Air compressor - If you’re serious about paint jobs, investing in a powerful air compressor is required. Make sure to select a model that can handle a solid workload and will last you for years, such as a 60 gallon compressor. If you’re planning on handling only small, touch-up paint jobs, you might be able to get by with a 25-35 gallon air compressor, although the stronger your air compressor is, the better.

Body Filler & Glazes - When it comes to repairing dents, knowing the right type of body filler to use can go a long way towards ensuring you achieve the look and repair you desire. Body fillers are generally a polyester resin based filler with a cream hardener that can be used to even out dents and cover blemishes on vehicles. Higher quality filler leads to easier application and sanding as well as less rework.

Compounds, Polishes & Glazes - Whether it’s simple denibbing or a more serious defect, we wide range of paint finishing solutions designed to help body shops achieve a perfect finish quickly and efficiently.

Dual-Action Sander - A dual-action sander can save you a lot of time with basic sanding and body filler shaping jobs. When you start using one, you’ll notice how quickly it becomes an essential tool in your toolbox. They’ll make hard work look easy, leaving you extra time for other tasks.

Grinder - You will need a grinder along with some attachments. Depending on how you outfit it, this could be a method to remove rust or an entire mirror.

Hammer & Dolly - A good hammer as well as a dolly set will help you force panels back into shape.

Masking - When you approach automotive painting on a professional level, automotive masking tape is the only solution that guarantees precision, adhesive power, cleanness, speed and convenience.

Panel Stands - It's making your job easier. Used to rest on whilst sanding, painting or repairing to avoid unnecessary bending to work on panels. This stand can also be used as a workbench or for storing large rigid items.

Safety - Today’s safety is tomorrow’s security; must haves are respirators, protective eye-wear, gloves, overalls and hearing protection to meet strict auto body shop safety requirements.

Sanding Blocks - They have a range of uses in body repair, including color sanding and buffing, shaping body filler and cutting high spots in body work.

Spray Gun - It may be the most important tool an auto body technician uses. HVLP Guns are used in most base coat or clear coat finishes and are essential to a body technician’s work.

Stud Welder Dent Pullers – Similar to a screw-in dent puller, but won’t leave holes that need to be filled. This tool spot-welds a stud in place to pull the dent; after the dent is pulled, the stud is snapped off and the area is ground down.