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How to Choose an Air Compressor:

First things first, be honest with yourself, what are you really going to use this compressor for? Is it going to be occasional use in your home garage just to fill the tires on your hot rod, or are you going to be running air tools as you sand down the entire body of your car? This is important because some of those tools can consume a lot of air. And the more air they consume, the larger tank you're going to need, the more horsepower you're going to need. And ultimately, the more input voltage, you're going to need to run that compressor. So let's talk about electricity. In most houses, your home garage, you have 120 volt outlets throughout, that's no problem. Those are the things powering the light bulbs in your garage. Very few of them have 230 or 240 volt outlets. Those are the kinds of things that power your clothes washer, got a washer in your garage, you can unplug it, you can plug in a larger compressor, you can also have a certified electrician come to your house and rewire outlets in your garage to add more power. Again, more power, bigger compressor better tools you can run.

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