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How To Setup Your Shipping Costs

  1. Go to the homepage and Sign In.
  2. Then click on My Account.
  3. In the top right hand corner click on the 3 dots, to drop down the menu.
  4. Select Shipping Settings.
  5. Here is where you can select you Base Shipping Cost, which is a flat rate that will be applied on top of all products.
  6. You also have the option to offer Free Shipping, if the customer spends over a certain amount.
  7. Remember to save any updates you make.
  8. We understand you may need to add additional shipping costs to individual products. To do so find the products within My Adverts.
  9. Select the small pencil symbol to edit the product. Click edit again, Pricing & Shipping is found within the 2nd level of editing a product.
  10. You will see the Base Shipping Cost is in place. To increase the shipping cost, add the amount into the Additional domestic shipping charge field.
  11. This amount will be added on top of your base rate.
  12. Update & then save the product.

How to Upload and Publish a Product

  • First step go to the homepage and sign in to your account.

  • Then click My Account.

  • When in your dashboard click on New Product Advert.

  • Then let’s select which category the product is best placed in, for example let’s upload a safety rubber glove.

  • We are choosing “Tools & Equipment” as our master category.

  • Then we are selecting “Safety Products” as the sub category.

  • Finally, we are specifying the product as “Gloves.”

  • Then we select the Brand name – if your brand name doesn’t appear in the drop down menu you can select “Other.”

  • Then select the products availability from the dropdown menu. This will tell the customers how they can purchase your products. For example, let’s select Online Only.

  • Then define your base price – this is the price you want customers to purchase your product for.

  • You can then use your set shipping price, or offer free shipping for this particular product.

  • If you need to add additional freight charges you enter that into this field to go on top of your already established shipping price.

  • Now let’s add some product information.

  • Let’s start with the Title.

  • Be specific enough so customers understand what it is that they’re buying.

  • Add in a description. Be creative, unique original detailed descriptions will help customers find your advert faster. More information is better.

  • Specifications – this is another layer of information that you can provide your customers when they are searching your products, such as tech specs, sizes, colours, pack configurations, etc – again, more information will help.

  • Now let’s upload some product images – Simply upload images of your product to give your customers the best visual understanding of what they’re buying. If you upload multiple images you can drag and drop to adjust the order.

  • Product Media – this is a great section to upload brochures, technical data sheets, or any other information you would like to provide for the product.

  • Add in YouTube links that are specific to this product to give the customer further information – although it’s not essential, if you have links please put them in as it will help with your product listing.

  • Next step – let’s define your product.

  • If you have a product that has different variants such as size or colour this is where you can add these options.

  • If your product only has one variant then you will only need to add one variant.

  • In this case we are choosing the glove sizes that are available.

  • Add the first size you want to list.

  • You can create different prices per variant – example, if a larger size is more expensive this is where you can define that amount.

  • List the stock quantity available or make it unlimited – this is just for stock control.

  • You can add barcode and SKU details as optional data.

  • Upload any specific variant images.

  • Click on save variant.

  • If you would like to create another variant, you can repeat the same process, such as size – adding in a different size.

  • Once you’ve completed the variants click on Update & Publish.

  • The product will now list as published in your list of products. If you wish to hide this product from customers simply click on the status checkbox and it will adjust it to Not Published.

How To Dispatch An Order

  1. First step go to the homepage and sign into your account.
  2. Then click My Account
  3. When in your dashboard click on “Outstanding Orders” and it will provide a list of orders listed awaiting dispatch.
  4. To dispatch an order enter the shipping tracking number into the shipping tracking field provided.
  5. Select the carrier from the drop down menu, then click Dispatch to close the order off.
  6. Once this is done it will send a confirmation to the buyer with shipping information.
  7. It will also place the order in the Auto Repairs Direct marketplace system ready for payment from us to you via Hyperwallet.
  8. At any point if you need to check on an order you can go back to your dashboard and click on Order History and search for any specific order.

How To Join a Promotion

  • To include your products in a promotion with Auto Repairs Direct firstly sign into your account, go to My Account and then My Adverts.
  • Select the product you would like to promote. Click edit, then edit again.
  • To add the advert we need to include the product in a Secondary category.
  • In this example we are putting an Air Tool product in the ‘Hot Deals’ promotion. Select the appropriate sub-category. Then click ADD.
  • Next enter the new sale price of this item.
  • Update the advert.
  • And publish.
  • You will now find your advert listed in the Hot Deals category.
  • Be sure to join in our daily, weekly and monthly offers.