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What Is Ceramic Coating? Some Common Myths About Ceramic Coating

What Is Ceramic Coating? Some Common Myths About Ceramic Coating

If we were to be living in a perfect world, each automobile on the road would be eternally immaculate, as if it had just been taken off from the showroom. Unlucky as we are living in an imperfect world, simply washing or waxing cannot protect an automobile from the scratches or stone chips, stains, and fading, cloudy texture or oxidation, that comes with getting the ownership of the car. Fortunately, with the emergence of the modern ceramic coating products, the car owners have a majorly happy with the tool or weapon against the external elements and natural surface scratches.

Why is the ceramic coating used on cars?

Various automobile users use the nano-ceramic coating for its capable resistance against the aggressive heat, abrasion, chemical, and water, this makes it the ideal sealant for protecting the car’s exterior from almost any external component. This keyword is virtually everywhere, starting from the wheel hubs and extending to every part of the surface of the body.

As per the Auto Repairs Direct, A ceramic paint coating not only offers solid paint protection but also the water-repellent properties as well. This transparent layer and coating resists the UV rays, repels the road grime, along with preventing scratches, chemicals, extreme heat. When properly applied and maintained, these semi-permanent ceramic shields can last for years, simply requiring a little more effort than washing.

Some major myths prevailing for the Ceramic paints and coatings in Brisbane:-

1. These ceramic coatings do not require maintenance: This is one of the most prevalent myths about ceramic coatings. Despite their superior stiffness and amazing water-repelling or hydrophobic properties, the typical ceramic coatings and paints still need regular cleaning and care. So while you won’t be able to prevent road dirt, pollen, and all the other impurities from building up onto your car, there is at least a way of cleaning your car less frequently and least labor-intensive.

2. A Ceramic Paint Coat is Permanent: Although a nano-ceramic coating forms the semi-permanent bond with an automobile’s paint job, glass, plastic, and clear coat. This layer is not an indestructive coat of armor. Everything is meant to deteriorate with time. therefore, the molecular structure of even the hardest rated ceramic coating will begin to deteriorate, at which point it is best to strip the coat entirely, before applying a fresh coat of ceramic coating. That being said, a properly applied ceramic coating product typically provides a few years of protection at the bare minimum, especially when properly applied and maintained by the automobile owner.

3. Ceramic Coating is Easy to Apply: This is true but only to some extent. While the DIY (Do it yourself) ceramic coating kits feature the application process that is very easy comparatively, the amount of preparation time required before applying is quite time-consuming and tedious. The surface blemishes, clear coat oxidation, and paint correction should be taken care of before applying the ceramic coating. Remember, once applied, a true ceramic coating will convert into the semi-permanent coating, so it is best to do your initial preparation properly to avoid any regretting the same.