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Top 10 DONT'S When DA Machine Polishing

Top 10 DONT'S When DA Machine Polishing

A dual action polisher is used to polish away oxidation , remove scratches and swirls, and apply wax to automotive paint surfaces. Here are 10 tips to help get the finish you want.

Number one don't start stop the machine off the panel. This causes unnecessary sling which increases your cleaning time. What is sling? It’s a mess. Most talk about tire sling but if you were to put compound on your polisher and turn it up fully and not be near the panel it will ‘sling’ a headache all over your work space.

Number two don't give yourself too much to do, work on smaller areas especially when compounding to allow you to get a better finish on the car.

Number three don't let the cable drag on the surface. Make sure you keep it over shoulders to stop it scratching the paint. This is also relevant if you’re at a self-use car wash. Be careful of the cable.

Number four you don't need water with some products, they me be already really well lubricated. You run the risk of diluting the product if you don't need water. Read the products description before charging ahead.

Number five slow down Arnie. Don't bear down on the machine. This is going to increase friction and heat. It's unnecessary for correcting paint, all you need is the weight of the machine alone.

Number six don't use the wrong accessories for the product. You want to make you’re sure using the right accessories to get the maximum performance from products. Using incorrect items will lead to more work and potential damage.

Unlucky seven don't use the wrong size backup for your pads. This is going to increase the risk of damaging your paintwork.

Number eight don't machine polish on untreated surfaces. Make sure you clean the car and clay block where needed to remove above surface contaminants. This is going to stop the risk of further scratching the paint.

Number nine don't treat your DA polisher like a rotary. It oscillates rather than rotates so it needs more time to work the surface. Make sure when you're doing correction word using your DA polisher to move an inch per second.

Number 10 don't go over edges always work up to them, never over. This is because it's by far the least amount of points in your car. You don't want to remove unnecessary paint.

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