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The Bird Droppings Debate. What Do You Think?

The Bird Droppings Debate. What Do You Think?

Thank god cows can’t fly. Because bird poo is bad enough.

We say this because too many people aren’t aware that bird droppings actually damages your cars paint if it is not cleaned off quickly. The longer the bird droppings remain, the greater the damage.

This is a known fact and every detailing or paint professional will agree. But why it does is somewhat debated.

Reason No.1

The (bleep) contains acidity levels can range from a pH of 3.5 to 4.5. This is due to them only being able to do a 1 & 2 at the same time. The ureic acid (urine) is mixed in and will begin to burn and etch the paint’s surface leaving discoloration.

Reason No.2

As paint lacquer warms - in the direct summer sunshine for example - it softens and expands. At the same time, that heat dries and hardens any bird droppings on the surface," says Autoglym.

As the paint lacquer cools, overnight for example, it contracts, hardens and moulds around the texture of the bird dropping. To the naked eye, this moulding at a microscopic level appears as dulled or etched paintwork. The light's reflection is interrupted by the imperfect surface, unlike the undamaged paint surrounding it which gives a clearer reflection.

Please be proactive about removing bird droppings ASAP. Otherwise, you’ll get a dimple in your paint’s surface.

A couple of quick tips:

If you live in Australia we want a simple solution because it’s almost a daily occurrence.

It is not as simple as just wiping it off…. The droppings may contain rocks, seeds, and other abrasives that will destroy your clear coat if removed aggressively.

Step 1: Kill the bird. Joking.

If the droppings are relatively fresh, simply find some water and rinse it off ASAP.

If you want to carry it one step further carry a (product) and micro fibre towel in your car. Think of it has your Swiss army knife.

Step 1: Get close to the paint and spray the (product) on the car. The sprayer will help loosen up the marks.

Step 2: Take the dry microfibre towel and add spray wax to about the same size of the stain. Gentle place the towel over the stain and pour clean water on the same spot.

Step 3: Gently pat the top of the towel. To encourage the fibres to gently pick up the abrasives contained in the poo. The goal is let the towel what is designed to do, life and suspend the contaminants. Helping you minimise wiping.