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The Best Race Tracks In The Friggin' World

The Best Race Tracks In The Friggin' World

Not all race tracks are created equal. There’s a reason some tracks have been around for decades whilst others are popular for a few season and then fizzle out. The legendary ones are fun to drive, challenge the drivers, and make racers into heroes. Here’s a list worth checking out…

Mount Panorama Circuit

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The Mount Panorama Circuit at Bathurst is well-known for its long straights and tight downhill section. Most of the track has no runoff, with concrete walls either side. Even the smallest error can end in catastrophe. If your get a change to drive it, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Circuit of the Americas

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Built in 2012 to host Formula 1 in the USA, COTA is not yet rich with heritage, but that doesn’t mean it’s a boring track. Long straights, fast curves, and plenty of elevation changes make it a challenge.

Daytona International Speedway

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This is one of the world’s most iconic race tracks. Hosting famous events such as the Daytona 500, and the 24-hours of Daytona. The track is open to public track days and is definitely worth visiting for an HPDE event.

Sonoma Raceway

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Sonoma has had multiple names over the years – Sears Point, Infineon – but it remains one of the greatest tracks in California USA. There isn’t a “straight” anywhere on the course, just plenty of flat-out turns and massive elevation changes.

Imola Circuit

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Imola, also known as the “Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari”, is considered the home of circuit for Ferrari fans when an F1 race is held there. One of Italy’s top racing destinations, Imola holds an FIA grade 1 license and has plenty of history.

Road Atlanta

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An hour northeast of Georgia’s capital, Road Atlanta is a race drivers dream. All 12 of its turns seem to meld into one, making it challenging, yet satisfying to drive.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

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Monza is the third oldest motor racing circuit on the planet. Build in 1922, the Italia F1 track is full of long straightaways and fast corners, offering a challenging mix for both spectators and drivers alike.

Sebring International Raceway

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Sebring is one of the oldest tracks in America, and also one of the most exciting. What it lacks in elevation change it makes up for in “tricky” surface, ensuring drivers require a ton of commitment going into every turn.

Indianapolis Motor Speedways

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Indianapolis is home to the legendary Indy 500 motor race, which celebrated its 100th running in 2015. Constructed in 1909, it is the second oldest motor racing circuit in the world. Definitely worth a visit.

Monaco GP Circuit

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Spread across the city streets of Monaco, this curvy circuit gets used just one weekend each May to host the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. Street circuits tend to get a bad rap, but this track is legitimately fun to drive.

Nurburgring Nordschleife

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No introduction required… nearly 13 miles long, with more than 150 corners, it is the ultimate automotive proving ground, and you can drive it simply by buying a ticket. But be careful, you don’t want to appear on and end-of-year Nurburgring crash compilation dvd.

Suzuka Circuit

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Built in 1962, Suzuka was Japan’t first fully fledged race track. The Honda-owned track is famous for its challenging esses, the ultra-fast 130R left hander, and a party atmosphere around each event.