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Paint Brake Calipers Easily

Paint Brake Calipers Easily

If you like to keep your car looking classy, it is always a shame to let rusty brake calipers spoil the overall polished look. If you invest in a new set of shiny wheels, for example, you want the rest of your car to be able to look just as good as they do. It’s surprisingly straightforward to keep your brake calipers in showroom condition, and as long as you are careful about protecting the other areas of the brakes, there is no need to remove the brake calipers from the car in order t paint them.


  • 1 x Large piece of study cardboard
  • 2 x cans of enamel spray paint
  • Several plastic carrier bags (or a few lengths of plastic sheeting)
  • 1 x stiff toothbrush
  • 1 x can of brake cleaner
  • Masking Tape
  • A ramp or car jack

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  1. Loosen all of the nuts on all four wheels, but do not remove them completely.
  2. Jack the front of the car up first so that the front wheels are lifted off the ground.
  3. Remove the nuts on the front two wheels and then remove the wheels completely. Make sure that you store the nuts in a safe place so that you do not lose them before you need to put them back on again.
  4. Once the wheels have been removed, you will be able to see the dirty, and probably rusty, brake calipers exposed.
  5. Spray some of your brake cleaner onto a toothbrush and start to scrub the calipers clean. You will need to apply several rounds of brake cleaner in order to fully clean the calipers. Don’t spray cleaner directly onto the calipers at any time, spray the toothbrush instead and apply the cleaner that way.
  6. Once you have finished scrubbing the calipers clean, remove the front retainer clip and cover the bleeder valve with masking tape. Make sure that you completely cover the valve with tape as you do not want to get any paint on this part. Once the valve is covered, tape the brake host fitting as well. You will need to protect these areas when you spray the caliper paint
  7. Take the stiff piece of cardboard and cut out an L-shaped piece large enough to allow you to place it over the bracket holding the caliper in place, protecting all of the parts of the car behind it.
  8. Take one of the plastic carrier bags, or sheeting, and cover the rotor to protect it from the spray paint. You will have to spin the rotor in order to catch the plastic between the brake pads and the rotor wheel. You may need to use masking tape to hold the plastic in place.
  9. Spray the caliper using slow and even strokes, creating smooth, even layers. Take care to ensure no paint gets between the brake pad the rotor.
  10. Leave the paint to dry before removing the plastic and the cardboard. Move on t the next wheel and repeat the process again. You will need to remove the jacks from the front of the car, and raise the back end once you have finished the front and they are dry. Once finished, take the car for a drive to test the brakes.