Tips to using Crystal Tack Cloth Premium Grade Solvent & Water Base Box of 12

Dust is like sand, it never seems to ever fully disappear or be completely wiped off, using our Crystal Tack Cloth Premium Grade Solvent & Water Base you will not have that issue anymore.

The Crystal Tack Cloth Premium Grade Solvent and Water Base are sticky rags best used for picking up dust, especially sanding dust right before you apply a coast of finish.

Some key tips to using Crystal tack Cloth include the following:

Before you begin using our crystal tack cloth on sanded wood, try and remove as much of the sanding dust as possible. You can use a vacuum or blow it off with a compressor (potential to add a link to one of our compressors). This will help any dust traveling in the air to then settle back on your work.

The most effective way to use our crystal tack cloth to receive the most outstanding look is to use the cloths in-between coats. By doing this it will help reduce the cloth becoming over loaded with dust.

Once you have finished your work, use a fresh clean crystal tack cloth to do one final wipe over. This will assist in picking up any final dust particulars that have been missed or have travelled through the air and landed on your work.