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How to Repair Curb Rash On Any Wheel Rim

How to Repair Curb Rash On Any Wheel Rim

Curb rash is vehicle damage on the rims of our tyres, caused by hitting curbs or other obstructions, leaving scuff marks, scratches, and sometimes gouges. Though curb rash is unsightly, it can be fixed.


STEP 1 Begin by applying 80 grit sandpaper to the scuffed rim areas, wash off the sanding dust, and allow to dry.

STEP 2 Apply filler to any gauges and indentations, smoothing off as best you can with a scraper. If curved areas of the rim are indented and too small to apply filler with an applicator, the filler can be applied by wiping with your finger. Leave to dry for at least half an hour. Press a fingernail into the filler. If there is no nail indent, then the filler is dry.

STEP 3 Re sand, smoothing off any rough areas using 180 grit sandpaper.

STEP 4 Scuff the entire wheel rim with scotchbrite in preparation for the primer. The rim will appear to have a dull finish after scuffing. Thoroughly clean the wheel rim before priming.

STEP 5 Mask of areas you don’t want primed. A simple trick to mask the tyre is to place playing cards between the edge of the rim and the tyre. Playing cards are flexible enough to conform to the shape of the wheel and fit easily between the edge of the rim and the tyre.


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STEP 6 Apply a light coat of etching primer and allow to dry, followed by a heavier second coat, allowing that to dry also.

STEP 7 Apply a coat of silver chrome using short, even strokes. Allow the dry.

STEP 8 Apply several coats of clear coat, starting off using a light coat and building up gradually between drying times.

STEP 9 Remove all masking.