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How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car Using Rubber Gloves

How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car Using Rubber Gloves

In a perfect world, you would drive your four-legged friend around all day with no need for car detailing. But, if you want to keep your vehicle looking its best, you have to stay on top of picking up dog hair — and usually, that means getting creative. Wondering how to remove dog hair from your car? There’s the rubber glove method, as well as a few other methods you can use with materials from around your home.

Remove Dog Hair from Car in Just a Few Steps

You can use a rubber glove in two ways, to quickly and easily remove pet hair from your car.

  1. Friction: Put on the rubber glove, and rub your hand over the upholstery. This creates friction between the glove and upholstery, causing pet hair, lint, and more to stick to the conductor. In this case, the conductor is the glove with the pet-hair-cleaning power of static friction.

  2. Water: For extra freshness, you can dampen the rubber glove with water and run it over the upholstery. This pulls up pet hair and causes it to stick to the glove. Simply rinse the glove off when you’re done.

Other Quick & Easy Ways to Remove Dog Hair from a Car

Don’t have a rubber glove handy? There are plenty of other DIY methods for removing pet hair from your vehicle. A few examples include:

  • Duct Tape: You can roll up pieces of duct tape and dab the upholstery to collect pet hair — almost like a lint roller for your clothes.
  • Wire Brush: Wire brushes can’t be used on leather or leatherette upholstery, but they’re great for removing pet hair from fabric seats.
  • Pumice Stone: Gather a pumice stone, fabric softener, and a small bucket of water. Spray the stone with fabric softener and go over the upholstery, then dip the stone in the bucket of water to periodically remove hair.
  • Dryer Sheets: Simply run the dryer sheet over the seats, flooring, and console to grab pet hair and freshen your car.