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How To Clean Your Car Dashboard

How To Clean Your Car Dashboard

A dashboard (also known as the dash, instrument panel, or fascia) is the control panel located directly ahead of a vehicle’s driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation. Where the dashboard originally included an array of simple controls (e.g., the steering wheel) and instrumentation to show speed, fuel level and oil pressure, today’s modern dashboard may accommodate a broad array of gauges, and controls as well as information, climate control and entertainment systems.

Contemporary dashboards may include the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, and fuel gauge, turn indicators, gearshift position indicator, seat belt warning light, parking-brake warning light, and engine-malfunction lights. Other features may include a gauge for alternator voltage, indicators for low fuel, low oil pressure, low tire pressure and faults in the airbag (SRS) systems, glove compartment, ashtray and a cigarette lighter or power outlet — as well as heating and ventilation systems, lighting controls, safety systems, entertainment equipment and information systems, e.g., navigation systems.

One of the safety enhancements of the 1970s was the widespread adoption of padded dashboards. The padding is commonly polyurethane foam, while the surface is commonly either vinyl (PVC) or leather in the case of luxury models. In the mid-1990s, airbags became a standard feature of steering wheels and dashboards.

Your dashboard is one of the first parts of your car’s interior you However, the dash is often overlooked during routine car cleanings…


  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Water and soap mixture
  • Soft paintbrush
  • Polish


  1. Use the vacuum with the brush attachment to vacuum up any dust and debris from the dashboard, so you have a clean surface.
  2. Take your microfibre cloth and dip it in the water and soap mixture. Use the cloth to wipe the dashboard, as well as the steering wheel, shift knob, handbrake, and other hard surfaces inside your vehicle.
  3. Cleaning small crevices, such as air vents, can be tricky and you’ll need something other than a cloth. You can use a soft paintbrush to clean your air vents and other parts of your car’s interior that are too delicate for hard-bristle brushes.
  4. After you’ve cleaned your dashboard, it’s time to add some shine! Put a small amount of polish on a clean cloth and rub it over the surface of the dash and centre console. Go over the polished surfaces with a dry cloth to remove any excess.
  5. Add a homemade car air freshener for a finishing touch! Later, you can also use dryer sheets to wipe down your dash and keep it fresh and clean.