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Golf Cart Detailing Permanent Renewal, Body, Plastic, Rubber, Windshield

Golf Cart Detailing Permanent Renewal, Body, Plastic, Rubber, Windshield

Over time, golf carts are just like any other vehicle they collect dirt, grease, and grime. Detailing a golf cart is not something that takes very much time or cost, and for just a few dollars outlay, anyone can transform and add value to their golf cart. Golf carts are built mostly with plastics and leather or vinyl seats. These materials require protective coatings to keep them from cracking or fading. Unless your cart is stored out in the elements, an annual detail is all that it requires.

A full detail will include:

• Full wash of exterior and interior surfaces • Roof degreasing and washing • Leather seat cleaning/protectant application • Full cleaning of steering wheel, cup holders, pedals, etc. • Tyre/Wheel cleaning and shine • Exterior wax application • Plastics deep clean, shine and protectant • Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Automobile Detergent
  • Squeegee or Soft Bristle Brush
  • Clean lint-free Microfibre Cloths
  • Leather Chamois for Drying
  • Hose or Buckets
  • Aerosol Renew Protect

STEP 1 - Clean out the interior. Ensure your cart is free of equipment or anything that could be ruined by water, such as floor mats, GPS, golf score cards, etc.

STEP 2 - Exterior: Hose an initial spray of water over the exterior of your cart to remove loose dirt. Wash the body of your cart with a high-quality automobile detergent and water, using a soft sponge or cleaning mitt. Rinse your cart and dry it off with a Chamois, followed by a wax application.

STEP 3 - Windshield: Your golf cart’s windshield is probably made out of either polycarbonate or acrylic. Both of these materials are prone to scratches, so take extra caution when washing the windshield… avoid glass cleaners and paper towels as the increase the chances of scratching or scuffing. Use mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

STEP 4 - TYRES: When washed and dried, apply a coat of black aerosol Renew Protection.

STEP 5 - Interior: Apply leather seat cleaning and protectant to the seats. Wipe over the steering wheel, cup holders, rubber areas, and pedals. If grease and grime build-up is evident, remove with isopropyl alcohol.