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Common Spray Gun Problems & Fixes

Common Spray Gun Problems & Fixes

Your spray gun is one of the most precious tools you’ll use in the refinish business. If it’s not working the way it should be, you may be in trouble. Some spray gun issues can be easily fixed. Here we’ll detail some of the most common paint gun issues and how to fix them.

Problem: Gun leaking from fluid nozzle.

Causes: Fluid nozzle loose, foreign particle or dried paint keeping needle from seating.

Remedy: Tighten nozzle or remove and clean nozzle.

Problem: Gun is leaking from needle sealing area.

Causes: Teflon packing is damaged or missing.

Remedy: Replace Teflon packing.

Problem: Gun sprays sickle shaped to the left or right. ) (

Causes: Air holes clogged on air cap or air cap damaged.

Remedy: Clean air holes or replace air cap.

1- Determine if the obstruction is on the air cap or the fluid tip. Do this by making a test spray pattern. Then, rotate the cap one-half turn and spray another pattern. If the defect is inverted, obstruction is on the air cap. Clean the air cap as previously instructed.

2 - If the defect is not inverted, it is on the fluid tip. Check for a fine burr on the edge of the fluid tip. Remove with #600 wet or dry sand paper.

3 - Check for dried paint just inside the opening. Remove paint by washing with solvent.

Problem:Tear drop or oval shaped spray pattern.

Causes: Air cap clogged at fluid needle orifice.

Remedy: Remove and clean air cap.

Problem: Paint sputters from gun.

Causes: Insufficient material in cup, material not filtered, fluid nozzle loose, needle Teflon packing damaged, needle & nozzle dirty.

Remedy: Refill cup, filter material, tighten loose parts, and replace Teflon packing, clean needle & nozzle.

Problem: Incorrect atomization.

Causes:Inlet air pressure to low or material too thick; pressure too high or material too thin.

Remedy: Adjust air pressure and/or product viscosity.

Problem: Runs and sags

Causes: Too much material flow, material too thin or gun tilted on an angle.

Remedy: Adjust gun or reduce fluid pressure, mix properly or apply light coats or hold gun at right angle to work and adapt to proper gun technique.

Problem: Thick, dimpled finish, "orange peel". Too much material coarsely atomized.

Causes: Gun too close to surface, air pressure too low, improper thinner being used, material not properly mixed or Surface rough, oily, dirty.

Remedy: Check distance. Normally 6-8" - HVLP, "orange peel". Too much 8-10" - conventional. Increase air pressure or reduce fluid pressure. Follow paint manufacturer's mixing instructions. Follow paint manufacturer's mixing instructions. Properly clean and prepare.

Problem: Dry Spray.

Causes: Air pressure too high. Material not properly reduced (Suction feed). Gun tip too far from work surface. Gun motion too fast. Gun out of adjustment.

Remedy: Decrease air pressure. Reduce to proper consistency. Adjust to proper distance. Slow down. Adjust.

When to Buy a New Paint Gun:

Have you tried everything possible to fix your paint gun, but it’s still giving you problems? Before you bite the bullet and purchase a new paint gun, contact your spray gun manufacturer for further instructions that are specific to your paint gun model. They will be able to provide tailored advice, and they should be able to help you decide whether it’s time to buy a new spray gun.

If you would like any advice, please contact us today.