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Avoid Detailing Fails: Top 5 Common Car Detailing Mistakes!

September 18, 2019
Avoid Detailing Fails: Top 5 Common Car Detailing Mistakes!

Here are a few pro tips to help keep your automotive detailing game up to scratch!

  • Do not use dirty rags. For example, using a towel to clean your wheels and then using it on your paint. By doing so all you are doing is rubbing dirt and grime onto your paint. This can create scratches, you could mar it or cause imperfections to the paint. We recommend having designated towels for designated areas. Even colour code them if you can.

  • Do clay bars remove scratches from the surface of the paint? They do not because they contain no abrasives. We recommend clay barring the surface of the car whenever your paint feels rough produced from fallout, you want your car to feel smooth to touch.

  • Does clay barring remove oxidisation from the paint? Yes, but only a very very small amount, if your paint is severally oxidised, we recommend polishing out your car.

  • Failing to use a lubricant when using a clay bar, not just water. By using just water, you are just dragging all that contamination across the car potentially creating marring and scratching to your paint. If you are using a lubricant product such as Formula 1 Premium Wash & Wax it is going to help your clay block just glide over the surface without rubbing or dragging any contamination across the surface of the paint. This will also increase the life of the clay bar.

  • Failing to dry your car after going to a car wash. Many drive through car washes do not have deionised water so what happens is, when you drive off you have dirt, dust, debris, fallout still sticking to the surface of the paint. Un-deionised water creates water spots because it has calcium in it and then the only way to remove it is to polish it out...did you really get a car wash? We recommend using a air blower or a designated towel like a Formula 1 Super Dry Microfibre Drying Towel

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