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Car Detailing Is The Perfect Profession For Anyone With OCD

Car Detailing Is The Perfect Profession For Anyone With OCD

One of the first things car wash employees learn is how to wash a vehicle properly. There is a certain process to follow ensuring the delicate paint surface does not become scratched or damaged.


  • Car Wash Mitt
  • Bristle Brush
  • Wheel Woollies & Brushes
  • Microfibre Cloths - Option Available Here
  • All Purpose Degreaser
  • 2 Buckets – 1 for clean water and 1 for soapy water
  • Car Wash Detergent/Foam
  • Garden Hose
  • Blower/Dryer
  • SIO2 Spray Sealant

STEP 1 Spray the wheel areas with all-purpose degreaser – wheel wells, tyres, barrel, rubber and clean the barrel of the rim using a wheel woolly between the spokes. Clean the face of the rim with a mitt. Rinse off with and move on to the next wheel.

STEP 2 To wash the body of the car you will need 2 buckets, 1 just water, the other soap and water. Place a grit guard at the bottom of each bucket to collect the dirt and grime to act as a barrier between the car wash mitt and the bottom of the bucket. If the vehicle has bugs on the front grill, spray with all-purpose degreaser to remove all the bugs, Degreaser is a stronger product than regular car wash detergent.

STEP 3 For the rest of vehicle, cover with car wash foam and wash the entire vehicle with a car wash mitt, stating at the top of the vehicle and working down to the bottom. Rinse the mitt regularly, rubbing it against the grit guard. The bottom of the vehicle is always the dirtiest part of the vehicle which is why you wash from the roof to the bottom.

STEP 4 Rinse off the soapy lather, rinsing from top to bottom. Spray the vehicle with a drying agent and hose off.

STEP 5 Using a blower/dryer and working from the top to the bottom, dry off the surface rinse water across the entire vehicle.

STEP 6 Spray SIO2 spray sealant on the first towel and gently wipe over panel by panel, spraying just one or two squirts per panel, followed by a gentle wipe over with the second microfibre towel. Finally, coat the tyres with some tyre black.