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6 Simple Tips For Removing Paint Scuffs From Your Vehicle

6 Simple Tips For Removing Paint Scuffs From Your Vehicle

Getting paint scuffs on your vehicle is an unavoidable occurrence and can send anyone into a frustration spiral. One day, you parked your car, and upon your return, you witness scuffs from another car’s bumper bar - annoying!

Some scuffs are simply little scratches marks that are raised above the paint and are left there by another object. The intensity of the scuff marks depends upon the level of bump your vehicle got from another object like a shopping cart, or car.

Whether you got it by yourself or someone else’s negligence, learning how to remove paint scuffs from your vehicle could come in handy.

Take a deep breath! As long as you don’t get any paint off, the scuff marks can be easily removed. There are a few different ways of dealing with scratches, dents, and scuff marks, which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Best Tips to Remove Scuff Marks

Don’t worry about the scuff marks any longer, as these simple tips will allow you to remove them effectively, without damaging your vehicle’s exterior.

Examining the extent of the damage: Instantly jumping on the cleaning process is not a wise option. Gently scratch the surface of the affected area with your finger nail and check the extent of the damage. If you can see the inner paint of the vehicle, then you will probably need painting job along with scuff marks removal. Deeper scratches are difficult to remove and usually needs sanding, while lighter marks can be easily removed using an adhesive remover.

Wash the area: Washing is a vital next step with it comes to removing scuff marks effectively from your vehicle. This step will remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the top and will make your job a lot easier. You can use one of many regular wash and wax products available.

Applying light paint cleaner in the start: Don’t forget to apply a light and less abrasive paint cleaner during the start of the removal procedure. A non-abrasive cleaner will remove the old wax and grime on the surface and will make the removable of transferred paint much easier.

Apply cleaner using a clean, micro cloth only: Avoid using your hands or a dirty cloth for applying the cleaner, as it can further worsen the condition and will make the removal more difficult. A clean, microfiber cloth or pad will make sure your hands stay protected while removing the dirt and residue becomes easier.

Use an adhesive remover: You can use any of adhesive removers while making sure that is safe for use on paint and coated surfaces. Some remover works wonders on scuff marks and instantly removes any stains from other object’s paint.

You can also get turpentine or mentholated spirits as an adhesive remover, which is tried and tested by many around the globe.

Apply polishing compound: While using a disk pad, you can now apply a polishing compound to remove the scratches that were caused by sanding or abrasive method used to remove the scuffs. During the end, you can clean the polished surface area with a clean cloth and seal the deal. This will also restore the shine and will protect your vehicle’s finish for a longer run.

Removing scuff marks from your vehicles might sound like a frustrating job and a task for a professional, but if you have the right tools and knowledge, it can be done with ease. Accidental bumps and scratches are practically unavoidable for every vehicle, and to keep some sneaky tips up your sleeves will work a long way. Follow these simple steps and tips, and you will always remove any light scuff marks with ease.

For heavier scuffs, professional sanding is required. Also, if you are in the situation where you need to remove all the paint from your vehicle for whatever reason that may be, dustless blasting is probably one of your best options. Dustless Blasting Australia is the new Sandblasting Brisbane and here we can strip your vehicle paint in minutes without you worrying about any panels warping.

Sam Morgan is the owner of Dustless Blasting Australia. He has been blasting of paint, rust, and grease of pretty much any surface for almost 5 years now. If you want to restore old painted weathered homes back to a natural timber look or you have a muscle car that needs to be blasted back to bare metal, Sam is your guy.