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11 Things That Will Damage Your Car Paint

11 Things That Will Damage Your Car Paint

Everyone gets attracted to good-looking things, and cars are not an exception. Your daily vehicle use means encountering different issues which can damage car paint. While the dings and scratches the vehicle is exposed to are inescapable, there is a way to avoid damaging the paint. The best thing is to identify the elements that can ruin the paint because the outside of your car has more adversaries than wandering shopping pushcarts. Check the following items that can destroy your car’s paint.

Bird Poo: This is unbelievable! Understandably you don’t want to clean the bird poop but roll your sleeves up. The poop can damage your vehicle's paint. The waste of the birds is acidic, and therefore, it will stain and dull the paint while leaving a constant reminder of the birds. Wash the area with the poop immediately.

The Sun: We get vitamin D from the sun. While it is beneficial for our health, the same cannot be said about vehicles. If you live in a sunny area, your car is most likely exposed to the sun most of the time. Too much sun exposure may damage the paint. Ensure to protect the color of your car in a shade, carport or garage.

Ice: Looking at snow or playing with it can be fun. But not when it hardens into ice as it can ruin the paint of your car. If a vehicle gets covered in ice, you may need to shave it to get rid of the ice, and this can damage the paint.

Petrol: While the vehicle uses petrol, it rarely gets in contact with the car’s surface. However, if the gasoline leaks out, it will definitely strip the paint. Ensure to rinse the part in contact as soon as it happens.

Gravel: When you drive your vehicle on gravel, you expose it to harm from rocks and stones. The gravel can get to the car’s exterior and thus, damage the paint and the panels. If you get such scratches, make sure to treat them right away.

Food: Believe it or not, but food is among the things that can ruin the paint of your car. If meals or drinks spill on your vehicle, the damaging elements can corrode and damage the paint.

Dust: Although dust is only fine filth, it can scratch the paint if you or a buddy write down in it. Pollen and dust may leave scrapes if you wipe the car dry. Just a mild wash of the car will help clean the dirt minus damaging it.

Saltwater: If you live next to the seashore or drive down the coast, your car is most likely exposed to salty air. This might result in the rusting of different parts of the car which includes the paint. See to it that you wash the vehicle with water to protect it from damage.

Eggs: Eggs are tasty, but they can damage your car paint. This is because the it’s yolk and whites are acidic and can possibly corrode the paint. It can also stain the car, thus, damaging the bottom coat.

Cleaning with a Dirty Cloth: It doesn’t make sense trying to keep your car clean with a dirty material. The filthy substance can cause damage to the car’s paint or leave scratches.

Cream: If you are fond of shaving next to your car, you will be surprised that you are exposing your car to paint damage without knowing it. For your information, the cream you use for shaving could permanently tarnish your paint. But you can redeem the harm by washing the car immediately when you notice this.


When it comes to damages, the color of the paint does not matter. Any paint color can get ruined. But if you identify all the elements that can cause harm to the paint, it can be easily avoided.

Sure enough, it can be costly to spend on an auto painting job (check this) only to have it damaged with just a drop of bird poop. That is why you need to be careful about factors like where to park the car, where to shave or eat. Some damages can be prevented if you exercise carefulness.